Monday 6 February 2012

All White

All across Europe
But not here

The dog and the owl are my favourites, I think.

via pinterest, je crois.


  1. I like them too, think I am going to pin them... Hope it is ok

  2. My sister got wolf mask for our mother. She loved it! By the way, masks are made in Latvia. Lithuania is our neighbour country :)

    1. Oh sorry Anna, I have changed it to Latvia, I hope I didn't offend anyone?

    2. Oh, no. Our country is small, so we have to be proud of everything that makes us look good :) And there has always been a little competition between three Baltic states. But maybe it's no so important after all. Someone has made a great masks, that's what important! :)

    3. Anna, you're right. And if you follow my blog you will see that I do try and feature quite a few things from Latvia and I am also selling some Latvian toys in my shop from Rijada :-)


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