Saturday 18 February 2012

Little Sunshine

Ah, le soleil !
 A few specks of gold.
A few rays of sunshine.
And laughter too.
Yes, let's enjoy the little things in life.
Have a great weekend!

Cloud & small creature, a new collection coming soon - Les Pommettes du chat
Beautiful merino baby cardigans - Wood & Wool Wear
Lovely twin sets (and she's expecting twins...) - Pilli Pilli


  1. Oh WOW, Deborah! Thank you so much for featuring my little Twin-set! I can't possibly think of a lovelier surprise to wake up to this morning!

    & Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Deborah, I came past your blog today, through blog after blog, and im so glad I came across yours. you have a great sense of style and find awesome treats! that little pink cloud is just toooo cute, and the little hat with pom poms. im following now, and looking forward to more of your posts.
    Clare x


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