Monday 20 February 2012

Package Play

Oscar Diaz's Tube Toys, designed for NPW and presented at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this month, are all made from a standard cardboard tube. Based on the idea that kids often enjoy playing with the packaging as much as the actual contents, Diaz has created four easy-to-assemble toy sets (a fire engine, a tractor, a car and a train) which make use of their tube container. All the parts needed to build each vehicle are included in the tubes, which have slots and holes to place the wheel axes and other components. The only part of the product that will be discarded after purchase is a single stripe of paper displaying all the shop information (brand, product name/description and barcode).

Tube Toys are made entirely from recycled or recyclable materials, and reduce the added cost that traditional packaging involves. 

Smart, n'est-ce pas ?

 Reduce - Reuse - Recycle, any excuse to remind you of my favourite three Rs...


  1. Do you know where you can buy one of these sets?

  2. Hi - you can pre-order them from e-side :


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