Wednesday 22 February 2012

High Five #6

Winter pressings (2005-2006)  - handmade paper bundles left under winter snow

Arroyo muds - books of earth and root

Roots arroyo (one-of-a-kind book of handmade paper, ink-jet print on kozo paper)

Cloud/Root/Paper (3 suspended handmade paper sculptures)

Language bound artists' books

A small selection of beautiful work by Mary Ellen Long.

A mixed media artist creating environmental installations outdoors and in gallery venues, she also makes artists' books and collage-assemblage. I hope you will find the time to explore her inspiring blog and links, rich in artistic discoveries and new resources.

A special find for me.
I will be following from now on.

via here & here.


  1. Oh que j'aime !! Poétique au possible !

    Belle journée,

  2. A special find indeed... thank you for passing it on...!

  3. this is outstanding...I like it very simple and nothing unnecessary added...

  4. I love this work. I used to make a lot of collages and work with textures in my spare time. Finding this has given me the inspiration to find a moment to create again. All my creative energy seems to have been channelled into my blog.

    I never intended for K&C to be just a kids' design blog, I love art, textiles, design, photography... trying to slowly re-introduce those elements to my blog.


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