Tuesday 21 February 2012

High Five #5

Admittedly Lithuania probably isn't your number one online shopping destination but Medinisarkliukas (The Wooden Horse) has one of the best selections of eco-toys I have ever come across. Wood, cardboard, linen...beautiful natural materials for beautiful handmade educational toys, accessories and decorative objects.

Browsing is easy with the aid of an online translation tool like Google but you will also find a smaller version of their shop on etsy (remember the swing?). Medinisarkliukas accept wholesale orders if you are interested in carrying their Lithuanian eco-products.

I love this little typical hut for kids, it would be perfect for our garden!


  Happy Baltic browsing!


  1. Love the fish off to look at there Etsy shop.

  2. We have English version as well, please take a look www.medinisarkliukas.lt/en :) It's not perfect, but it's better than english translator...

  3. Thank you Simona, and congratulations on your beautiful shop!


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