Friday 24 February 2012

Toytown Tales

If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne (I choose my words carefully here, some of my favourite internet pals live in this city and there always seems to be something exciting going on there), may I suggest a trip to Outré Gallery in Elisabeth Street with your kids this weekend?

Toytown Tales is a joint exhibition showcasing the work of Melbourne-based Martin Harris and Jess McCaughey. If you look carefully at Jess's handmade bears and crocheted creatures you will see that they are based on the characters in Martin's paintings, or vice versa. Toytown Tales is a true collaboration, showing how two artists have inspired each other.

The exhibition ends on March 1st and from what I have heard has been a great success. Check out the Outré Gallery site for more details and perhaps treat yourself to one of these whimsical works of art.

A fun start to the weekend, n'est-ce pas!

Images: Outré Gallery / Jess McCaughey


  1. OH thank you so much Deb! You are the sweetest!
    really it means a lot as you know how I love your blog and taste xo

  2. These are Gorgeous. Wish I was in Melbourne now!

  3. O I like what Martin H makes! Wish there were postcards of his artwork

  4. I have just discovered you blog and i love it is fantastic!! I will follow you

  5. These are too cute- love the animation.


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