Wednesday 8 February 2012

Manja Radic

Manja Radic, a.k.a. Njama is a young illustrator / maker living in Serbia.
Her badges, cards and soft toys can be found in a number of shops in Belgrade, and she frequently illustrates for magazines. I have a feeling she's also enjoying making things for her little boy too!

As you know, I am always on the look out for unusual work to share, and I instantly fell in love with her handmade ballerina dolls.

Super and Strong, oh yes, we are girls! After much too-ing and froo-ing between Serbia and France, I am proud to carry a small selection of Manja's work in my shop. 


  1. Love the ballerina-dolls! Oh if I only had a daughter... :)

  2. Beautiful and fun, taking a look at her website now.

  3. So cute! I loved the gnome paintings in the wall. Deborah, you always have amazing things tu share.

  4. oh! the ballerina dolls are super sweet! x

  5. I love your ballerina dolls, and your little cats :))
    Congratulations for your work !


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