Sunday 12 February 2012


Our weekends are white
Because were at home, pottering, painting, renovating.
I would love to hang a huge "Jump"  canvas by Gabriela Herman 
in my bedroom when it's finished.
Marshall Bryd Sterling and Sarah Mangialardo's work is beautiful too, don't you think?

Eye Buy Art - because art makes life better!


  1. waou... potering...??? my dream.... tu as un four? c'est l'iun de nos projets quand nous serons a la Lézarde... j'adore!!

    1. Ah non, ce n'est pas ça - quoique ce serait sympa... to potter = bricoler, ranger, faire tout et rien, un dimanche quoi!

  2. marvellous pictures, marvellous sunday evening will glitter...thanks!

  3. Thanks for the post! My sister just bought that Sarah Mangialardo print so clearly she loves it too :) Have a wonderful day and thanks for making people's walls happy.


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