Monday 27 February 2012

Bring on the Sun!


Hey, I have a new doll (thank you Eszter, she's absolutely gorgeous!), a new (very old distressed) table and lots of new things to add to my shop. Life couldn't be better.

Happy Colour My Monday!

(Those spices smelt wonderful at the market yesterday)


  1. Ooh those books are gorgeous... the pink colour on the car one is just perfect!

  2. :) It's L'Automobile by Alain Grée Zoe. I have four or five Gree books to add and a big stack of others, vintage and new. Back to working on the shop now my kids are at school!

  3. hi there mrs
    been a while
    and yes indeed
    bring on the sun
    and the solar panels
    (no mainline electric
    here in spain aaargh)
    love your shop
    wonderful finds


  4. I can feel the scent from the spices all the way to me and the colours...SPRING!

  5. Lots of sunny and happy images...I agree I can almost smell the spices.
    It's sunny in Montucky to day too!
    Off to see my sunshine- Fiona.
    happy Monday

  6. Great post, I love the Doll!


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