Monday 29 November 2010

Colour My Monday #17

It's Monday, the day we celebrate all things colourful on Kickcan & Conkers.
Today I'd like to share a few images from Sebastiano Ranchetti's new rainbow animal book, L'Arc-en-ciel des Animaux, published in France by Milan Jeunesse.
Beautifully illustrated throughout, L'Arc-en-ciel des Animaux, showcases 39 animals (3 per colour)  on 64 pages and looks a wonderful way of teaching little ones the colours of the rainbow and of introducing them to the richness and diversity of the natural world. One to bookmark for Christmas!

Lundi c'est la journée de la couleur par-ici. Aujourd'hui j'ai envie de fêter le début de la semaine avec quelques images du nouveau livre de Sebastiano Rachetti, "L'Arc-en-ciel des Animaux", publié par Milan Jeunesse. Au fil des soixante-quatre pages merveilleusement illustrés, vos enfants vont apprendre à reconnaître les couleurs, à nommer 39 animaux différents et à admirer la richesse et la diversité de la nature. Un cadeau de plus pour la hotte du Père Noël!


  1. Oh Debbie how I would love this for my little ones!!! What a beautiful book!

  2. Very nice and very colorful. Color is good. I like color. After all, my last name is one. :o)

  3. Oh LOVE the gorgeous cobalt flog! ACE! xm

  4. I like most "le coleoptere" :) I would like to have a skirt, made of fabric which is printed full of bugs!

  5. Oh Shining Stars! I am determined to find
    this book for my niece: L'arc-en-ciel, with its more than
    lovely brilliant illustrations.
    We have a fabulous home owned book store that has
    worked magic many times! In fact I am going to
    sign my books for children there on Friday!
    Your posts are as sure as my daily 3- 4 cups of
    coffee, Deborah!

  6. In this grey period of my life I am hanging on Color
    and recieving positive comments on my (and Lauras) work is a great help
    thank you everybody



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