Sunday 21 November 2010

Five Faves #35

 Are you having a good weekend?
It rained here most of yesterday, poured it down infact.
Here are this week's picks from around the web.
Five Faves that caught my eye.

1) Favourite Handmade Book - Marlen's little boy's Bunny Book
What a great idea, we should all make one for our children!

2) Favourite Little Bird - by Musahar, from Manos*

3) Favourite, Most Original Christmas Decorations - Woodland creature ornaments by KLT Works

4) Favourite Words - Before and After chez Time of The Aquarius

5) Favourite Family Christmas Shopping Guide - The Guardian

Voilà! Now I'm off to eat some of Savannah's Birthday cake!


  1. Thank´s Deborah ! It´s an honor to featured in your blog

  2. loving Elina Rebers' work and if I did xmas I would certainly want to add some of those Woodland fact, may just add a nice little winter woodland scene anyway ;-)

  3. It rained here too - all night! Hope you all had fun at Savannah's birthday :) Love all of these - a great selection Deb - but I'm really really loving Elina Rebers' work. Just divine. Kx

  4. I went mad of passion when I saw that hoists of paper with the cloth decorations.. it simply hoists christhmas tree more beautiful and original that already saw.
    yasmin mundaca

  5. I always enjoys look at your five faves. Love those pillows by Elina Rebers! It also rained the whole weekend! I am hoping some sunshine on Monday! have a great week!

  6. Lovely cushions and love those xmas Woodland creature ornaments! We had wicked crazy rain/snow storm that lasted about oh, 30 minutes and then today.. beautiful and sunny. Woot! Hope you had a lovely weekend despite the weather.. : )

  7. Minna said it well. Thanks for including my ornaments- so glad you like them. As always, I look forward to your finds. Hope you enjoyed the birthday cake! :)

  8. as always fabulous items! I adore the Elina rebers prints and pillows, its been raining non stop here too and its cold and grey!boo!

  9. That bunny book is brilliant. It has got me thinking about my son's little bear he takes with him everywhere...


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