Thursday 4 November 2010

Magnolia Handspun

She's been busy
 Getting messy
Playing with colors
& Spinning

 Spinning Art Yarn
merino wool,
angora locks
recycled Sari

For her new shop and blog

 My love of fiber and spinning has taken over my life

Chris Thiess wrote a piece about inspiration this morning. What inspires us to create? I 've been thinking about this all day and here's one of my answers. People with a passion, people who know who they are, who follow their dreams. People like Camilla.

Congratulations, it's beautiful!


  1. Deborah!
    I am so touched, wow...merci beaucoup!
    Honored to be featured on this inspiring and beautiful blog.
    Tusen Takk!

  2. I believe creating can be more of a vice sometimes. You just can't get enough of doing things. Looking the world through your own eyes and not somebody else's... Creating is also about finding your place in the world... or so I think

    Have a good night!

  3. Love the colours of that yarn!!I don't know that store- I will go and explore- Thank you-

    Creating is all about being a very curious and disciplined *child* in the body of a grown up!XX

  4. Well said Deborah! Very nice post... :)

  5. Wow what great blogs, I'm following both of them now!

  6. ces pelotes sont tout simplement sublimes !rien qu'en déco dans un panier elles me plairaient ! Samantha


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