Thursday 11 November 2010

Gina Thorstensen

We're making very little headway with improving the state of Savannah's school and I doubt if we ever will. Education doesn't appear to be a priority for our Mayor, but bulls and bull-fighting, now that's another matter...
So, determined not to just accept the situation like many of the locals, we are now looking for a new school for Savannah and Miles. Are you happy with your kids' schools? With the teaching, the facilities available?

I seem to be drawn to artwork in schools at the moment. I might make it a regular feature infact. You're quite welcome to send me photos or examples of artwork in schools if you think they maybe of interest. I have already shown you snippets of Marie Louise and Camilla's school commissions in Sweden, if your remember, and today I'd like to invite you to explore the wall paintings and inspiring portfolio of  Norwegian illustrator/animator/maker Gina Thorstensen.

"For me, wallpainting is not just decoration. It is an invitation into my world, an opportunity to see eye to eye with my characters as they become alive in the imagination of anyone who passes by."


Makes me happy - enjoy! 


  1. Hello, I'm a Lancashire lass living in the middle of France. Loving your blog, the school looks great!

  2. sorry, got ahead of isn't your school. (must remember to read post properly before commenting) These are fun photos though.

  3. Thank you so much for introducing Gina's work - I love the liveliness it inspires... especially the creatues climbing the stairs. It would be great to see a regular feature of artwork in schools - and I'm sorry to hear that you need to find a new school - all the very best with it. I think education in most countries is struggling while money and interests are distributed elsewhere. A sad state of affairs.

  4. gosh, i love these . . . so full of life and vim and vigor: they make me want to jump up and make or do or paint something, which is, i guess, the point ;)
    we're very lucky in charlotte north carolina to have a really amazing school for our kids -- but we've lived other places (small town coastal california come to mind) where we were definitely struggling to make the school work for our kids (although the place was AMAZING)! -- i wish you nothing but luck - lynn-anne

  5. Salut ! I love illustrations and wall paintings. All schools should have artwork! It fosters creativity, imagination, it's magical! I'm surprisded that your Mayor fosters fullfighting, I guess you live in the South of France. Here, in Barcelona, bullfighting is now banned but schools lack funding anyway!
    Good luck with your school hunt, it's difficult everywhere, isn't it. Best regards from Barcelona,


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