Sunday 14 November 2010

Five Faves #34

Busy, busy working on my little shop
A quick Five Faves to brighten up your Sunday

1) Favourite Little Winter Houses - Summersville

2)  Favourite Wall Decorations - Blue Clouds

from here and here

3) Favourite Colourful Trio - Blossom n Bird

4) Favourite Design Project - Ko-Py-Ado, Ko Verzuu son's replica toys

5) Favourite New Children's Blog - Wee Textile

See you soon !


  1. Oh wow - isn't Harvey an absolute love? Great collection Deb :) Kx

  2. Oh course this sunday is beautiful with those faves !

  3. Nice way to start my Sunday. Love that vintage replica truck! Hope you have fun setting up your shop today.

  4. First photo is lovely! Again I have had no time to visit here for a long time (at least it fees so!) and I found (again)here so beautiful and wonderful things!!

  5. As always a great collection, now I'm off to explore!

  6. Harvey is gorgeous, wonder who made him?
    I think the trucks 'll be great, and a lot cheaper than the highly sought after originals!
    Thilda, lovely to see you here, hope you are well!

  7. Les culottes de laine reviennent à la mode mais pour les plus grandes !!!!

  8. Deborah, i'd could sit here all day, the entire day, looking at all these goodies that you magically make appear >from all over the world, the past, the here and NOW!
    a question i've wanted to ask for some time now is.........
    how did you come up the name of your blog?

  9. Christina, Kickcan, short for Kick The Can, and Conkers are two street games I played when I was younger. I grew up in the UK in the 60s / 70s at a time when kids were able to play outside with little worry.

    Thanks Marie-Louise!


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