Saturday 6 November 2010

Le Grand Show Des Petites Choses

Back to my Christmas book list if that's OK with you?
Are you acquainted with Gilbert Legrand's work?
He's a genius. A quick look at this book cover and you just know it's gonna be fun...


Le Grand Show des Petites Choses, published by Editions Sarbacane, will introduce you to an amazing line-up of everyday "characters" brought to life by this French illustrator /sculptor's marvellous imagination. If you've been following Kickcan & Conkers for a while you"ll know that this is everything I love - extraordinary from ordinary, new from old (the 3 Rs!),poetry without words. I'll be buying this for my five year old boy Miles but it's definitely going to be a family favourite.


Found thanks to the excellent La Soupe de L'Espace


  1. Deb these are so wonderful, I cannot find the words to express my joy!

  2. Gilbert is just amazing Deborah! And I agree with Hazel!!!

  3. Such a divine talent. His work is just busting to be animated.

  4. His work looks intriguing and exciting for little curious minds!

  5. O my, this is soooo fun! I'd like to have this book. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow... a real find Deb - just love it :) Kx

  7. Oh... I have been seeing his book everywhere in Paris! I pored over every page the other day, it's on my Christmas list too. It reminds me of this a bit:

  8. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing this gem of a book/artist/illustrator!


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