Tuesday 23 November 2010

Happy Town Menagerie

I love wooden dolls and I never miss an opportunity to show beauties like these on my blog or tumblr.
Lorena Siminovich, of Petit Collage fame, created these bright and cheery hand-turned dolls especially for The Curiosity Shoppe, where they are currently on show until December 12th. I'd love to be able to see them on display together.
Lorena's Happy Town Menagerie dolls and prints are for sale and certainly made me smile on this cold and grey Winter's morning.



  1. Oh, they are quite gorgeous aren't they?

  2. So very beautiful. I have a tjhing for wooden hand painted dolls myself - one day, one day I would like to produce my own.... :-)

  3. They are absolutely wonderful Deb! What a great find :) Kx

  4. Oh I love Lorena's work, she is so talented! And these are gorgeous!!


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