Monday 15 November 2010

Lisa Manuels

Yay! It's Colour My Monday! Time to inject some chromatic fun into your lives!
This week I've chosen to highlight the bright and cheerful work of Dutch artist Lisa Manuels.
I came across Lisa's multi-coloured jewellry and illustrations on Flickr and love her imaginary animals, sold as postcards.

Lisa has recently opened an etsy shop and her brand new Christmas cards will soon be available for you to buy. Aren't they wonderful?

Cute and colourful - a delight!

Another lovely illustrator to follow...


  1. Elles sont magnifiques ces illustrations... Toutes tendres !

  2. They are indeed wonderful :) Kx

  3. Aaw! Thank you so much for making this lovely blogpost about my work! :D You're so very kind!
    Keep up the good work with this blog, I like it very much!

    And of course also thank you to Flo and Kylie for the compliments! ;)

    With love,


  4. :D Thank you, OrangeFarmhouse!! <3


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