Thursday 4 November 2010

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Rest assured, not everything is bright pink over at Rocket and Bear but Lucy loves colour and knows how to mix and combine in both vibrant and subdued shades.
 I first came across her beautiful handknitted blankets when I was working on this, and then I saw her hugely popular  "favourite toy" T-shirts, and thought that they would make a great Christmas gift.
 Something tells me that we'll be hearing a lot about Rocket and Bear in the future, Lucy's creations are playful, contemporary and beautiful to look at as well as being kind on the environment and your wallet. A rising star, one to bookmark.


  1. I love pink!
    That tutu....eeeap.
    And the blanket is so lovely...I really lke her other work too.

  2. That first tee is great! May have to get that for my little guy. Sort of has a Sgt Pepper feel to it....

  3. oh dear yes! the knitted blanket and the flower crown. embarassing (?) that we girls never outgrow our love for pink things!


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