Monday 19 April 2010

Alef Betty

Blue Classic

Red Blocks

Blue Circle

Grand coup de foudre !

I am in love with these three stylish Hebrew Alphabet Posters in two colourways designed by Tsilli Pines


Alef Betty
I think you need to pay her a visit...

via: design sponge /tuttobene design


  1. woweeeeee! I love it - especially the 'red blocks' one. I'm going to go have a much better looksie now! These are sooooo gorgeous!

  2. you've been so busy this past week and i've missed so much deborah! loved all the bee-themed posts and the paris map. MERCI!

  3. Ooh - I've been learning Hebrew letters... You got me on this one. Have just spent 20mts going back through all the posts I've missed while away visiting the real world. Always so rich!


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