Monday 12 April 2010

Black and Blue

Slatted sign from Boxbrownie Trading

Good Morning Monday!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are raring to go...

I've found something for everyone today so let's jump straight in, shall we?

Love, love, love these T-shirts and soft toys by Finnish company


Smitten with these cute sleeping bunnies by the Green Thread

American artist Rebecca Puig's original folk art would look lovely in a nursery

or anywhere in the home

Happy Browsing!

* found via Varpunen


  1. Lovely lovely things to start the week with Deb! Would they do that owl tee shirt in big girls sizes do you think!!?

  2. I love the first elephant, so nice a big pachyderm saying "love you!;) Happy week!

  3. the elephant is just fantastic. everything else is beautiful, too...

    i am faszinated about all the beauty things you find in the www.

  4. OWnderful way to start off the week with all this color and design...great mix. I really like those cute t-shirts.

  5. Uh oh Belgravia wife with heavy duty shopping addict ( bi-lingual and France fanatic too ) has discovered a seriously fabulous blog ! What beautiful things ! How can I get my grubby mitts on the adorable owl t shirt I love it ! I will visit - regularly ! x

  6. If you're interested in the owl T-shirts, here's the link to the shop/site in English

    I would write them an email to enquire about sizes /shipping.

  7. OH! I just love this post!! :)

  8. I'd have a whole room full of those paintings if I could.... maybe one day. Lovely stuff, as always.

  9. Such lovely things... I'm off for an explore :)

  10. Yet again, a great find! I love the people holding hands, and the butterfly with zigzags, charming!


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