Wednesday 21 April 2010

Robert Frank Hunter

Bristol-based illustrator Robert Frank Hunter's books would make lovely, affordable gifts for children. I discovered his work via the Here Gallery, where he is currently exhibiting with John McNaught, and was immediately drawn to his "Square Collections".

Fancy Dress

Bearly Warm

"Fancy Dress" and "Bearly Warm" were both self-published by Robert and printed by Doveton Press. They cost £5 each and can be purchased via Robert's site.


  1. You find the most amazing and beautiful nostalgic things to post about. I just treated myself to a good catch up! Thank you :o)

  2. Very nice! You are right, it's a lovely idea for a special gift

  3. Lovely drawings and lovely books !

  4. these are really nice! Though my kids have outgrown picture books these tempt me greatly!


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