Sunday 11 April 2010

Five Faves #4

Lynn Dennison - Self-portrait, wire, paper and photographic images, 2008*

A quick five faves before I disappear to the fleamarket...

1) Favourite artist:
New-to-me Lynn Dennison

Flower Dress, wax and oil on paper, 1999

2) Favourite object:
It just has to be these oh-so-gorgeous-but-terribly-expensive Circus Steps found by Laurent

3) Favourite stationery:
Lots of nice things over at Millimeter Milligram**

Blowing your heart away

4) Favourite shop:
Everything and anything from Le Vestiaire de Jeanne et Le Vestiaire de Clé
including Maia's new Jeanne paper doll set

5) Favourite children's blog


Why has it taken me so long to find it?

Varpu's homemade teepee

Fantastic before /after

Voilà, now I'm off to hunt for lots of vintage goodies at the local flea.
Bonne journée!

* via a life lighter
** via ?


  1. good finds. love the stationery.

  2. I LOVE the circus steps! The paper doll set looks so cute!

  3. j'adore les circus steps dommage-que-ce-soit-si-cher, une idée à piquer!

  4. Oh those circus stairs would be great to display my shoes :)

  5. Oh Deb I think I am as much in love with your faves as you. I love La Vestiaire de Jeanne as well, but I'm too afraid my kids will race down to the river and build a dam in those beautiful clothes, much like they do now after I've asked them to change shoes and clothes for play stuff... Sigh - maybe as they get older, or if I move back to the city??

  6. You outdid yourself on those Faves.
    Such originality!

  7. Fantastic five faves, even on computer holiday I had to say WOW xxx

  8. oh MY! loved this post! especially the dress at the beginning. really and truly original. great finds!

  9. love EVERYTHING! how frustrating :)

  10. Hi Deb, I've been away for the weekend and I'm amazed at how much you've blogged these days! Wow, great posts and great faves!
    I had an inspirational weekend in Berlin and will post a lot about it this week!

  11. I love the white 'paper' dress.

  12. was you hunting good?
    love your fab 5.
    the colours, the materials and the simplicity!

  13. Ekkk, now I will probably waste an hour looking through all your links! Hahaha... not ekkk really! Love them! thanks!

  14. Loving all the stuff here, especially those steps and those sweet paper dolls.

  15. Hello! Thank you for sharing this, the Lynn Dennison's Self-portrait (the one in wire, paper and photos) is just stunning! I admire your selection, very accurate and refined. Thanks, Cris

  16. Oh my... Lynn Dennison! What a find. Off to explore. Thanks for the wonderful links Deb :) K x

  17. Arrosoir said :
    oh l'escalier ! oui j'en rêve et revêtue d'une beau costume de papier telle cette robe...
    il y a aussi un petit meuble jaune dans la liste de l'escalier qui me conviendrait parfaitement...

    mais l'escalier...monter juste pour redescendre..oh oui ça me plait !


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