Tuesday 6 April 2010

Pics and Pressies

Me - a long time ago!

Good Morning!
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!
We have family staying but I managed to do some work.
I'm now on Flickr
I haven't posted a great deal yet, mainly photos of our village, holidays and family, but you can take a peek if you're interested.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Pacha Design for the beautiful leaf lantern they sent me and to Hazel for her quirky handmade quilt, which the kids love! Hurry for giveaways!

Talking of giveways, I'm thrilled to bits that Olivia likes her Polish city and book that she won from Kickcan & Conkers. Thanks for lovely post!

Voilà, a few bits and pieces... I'll be back later with more finds.
I'm determined to finish my shop this week, so bear with me...


  1. Yay Deb! Hanging on the edge of my seat for the shop!!! Just put my website online today too. Ready - set - GOOOOO!

  2. sweet sweet picture of you

  3. Oh mais maintenant je sais à qui "Mademoiselle" ressemble!

  4. Oh oh ! You lovely girl !
    thanks for the words ;-))

  5. Oh you are So cute...love the lantern. I hope you are well.

  6. Great photo! Giveaways are fab - I can't believe I missed yours! Congratulations to Olivia :) K

  7. we are thrilled you like your leaf lantern deb!

    looking forward to your shop.

    sammy & glenn

  8. Bonjour! I'm here via a comment you left at Poppytalk about living in the countryside and having a large garden. I'm living in the German countryside, quite close to France, so I thought I'd pop over and say hello. Lovely blog you have here!

  9. Just discovered your Flickr page, good job, so many beautiful pics!
    Looking forward to more.

  10. Que cette photo de toi est jolie et ce sourire... adorable !

  11. oooohh....I LOve the leaf lantern..and your Lovely blog!

  12. What a beautiful picture!
    So lovely

  13. i just come back from your flickr site.. i couldn't comment on everything (but i would - verbally - if we sat next to each other).. great small trip to your home,thank you, i enjoyed it so much!! nice to see you, and your kids, they're so sweet! as well as you as a kid :)

  14. THAT haircut! Sooo sweet. How old where you? 2-3 years maybe?
    BTW, your blog is so full of sweetness, a real treat after a hard day :)



  15. yes Gladys, I think I was about two.


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