Monday 26 April 2010

Réka Kiraly

Autumn Talk - Réka Kiraly

Good Morning Monday!

Glad to start a new week -

Take one 14 year old boy mad about BMX, stunts and cycling and leave him for a while in the country with his friends and what do you get? Six stitches in his chin and a broken hand needing a pot for three months!!! Au revoir le vélo...bonjour tons of unfinished homework and reports to write....for mum!

Which is why it's been a bit quieter round here...

Anyway, the weather's glorious (25°C), the kids have gone back to school and I have lots of finds to share, starting with Réka Kiraly's fun, colourful prints!

Hungarian-born Réka Kiraly lives and works in Helsinki. She has a very distinctive graphic style, combining bold lines and colour with imaginary creatures inspired by her everyday finds, long walks, the sea and Northern light. Her striking black and white patterns are ideal for young children,

lending themselves perfectly to colouring books

Watch out for Réka's new work, coming soon, and take a peek at her Spring sale. If you're looking for something different to decorate a child's room, now's the time to buy!


  1. Lovely have a great peaceful day. xx

  2. I hope your boy mends soon...I've got all this to come with my little boy, having a boy has been a shocker! Sending best wishes and good health!
    loving Reka Kiraly's work:)

  3. WOW, that is not funny! Give the boy a kiss! Get well soon!


  4. 3 mois, dur dur, bon courage! Ces illustrations sont très belles.

  5. Oh no...I hope he heals up quick!
    Lovely images today, have a great Monday...busy mama.

  6. The coloring books look great, so many spaces to color!

    Boys will be boys ...

  7. those collages are lovely, I especially like the orange birdies in the forest.

  8. Oh your poor boy...and poor you too!

    More brilliantness as ever, always leaves me full of ideas whenever I come here!


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