Sunday 18 April 2010


To Buzz-Bourdonner
Beautiful, diverse and always interesting artwork by
Groseil & Fruits
More insects here

Do any of you keep bees, I wonder?
I know Sarah does, and she takes beautiful photos.

One of our neighbours has been keeping bees for over 30 years. We buy our honey from him and are now thinking about keeping some of our own. Well, I say " we", it's Dominique's idea actually...

Beehives can be very inspirational.
I came across a nice pink beekeeper's box in Hindsvik's vintage store a couple of weeks ago. It was soon snapped up of course, but what can you do with such an object apart from displaying it?

Bruyère Curieuse has some nice ideas on her blog.
You may even find one in her online shop if you're lucky.

I think Imke Klee's "Authentic Beauty" photographs are stunning*.

Tool Collection



I would also love to visit the "Honey Bee and the Hive" exhibition, curated by Wendy Ramshaw, showing at Contemporary Applied Arts, London (26 March-1st May).

"Honey Bee and Hive" brings together the work of twenty eight craftsmen and women inspired by the wonder of the bee. All share a common concern for our dramatically diminishing bee population and have produced unique, useful and decorative objects to share with those who care for both bees and beauty.

Jewellry by Vicki Amber Smith

Collection of bees by Joanna Veveers

Voilà - lots of links to keep you bee-sy, ha! ha!
Back soon with my Five Faves...


  1. I love bees, always wanted to keep them, one day I hope to be able to.
    I wish you every sucess with this endevour.
    I remember hearing one day of a bee keeper who knew that their bees had travelled over the hill, about seven miles away, to visit a particular patch of flowers when they came into bloom.
    It is a wonder to have creatures that travel out into the world and return with such a magical harvest.

  2. Oh, I am in love with bees. I love that last set by Joanna Veveers. That would be wonderful in my living room. AND, bees make honey - what is more amazing than that?

  3. I love this post.
    NY made beehives legal in the city last month!
    Let us know whether you decide to take the plunge and keep some bees of your own. (that's when the vintage pink beekeeper's box would have come in handy, you want to keep bees in style, don't you? :)

  4. Laurent, I've had a word with our neighbour and I think Dom is going to spend an afternoon with him talking about apiculture and getting to know the ropes, as it were. He has two empty hives, which I walk past every day, so we'll see how things develop.
    The pink box would have been nice, your right. I think beekeeping would be a great experience for our children.
    Thanks for the link, I'll have a look.


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