Sunday 4 April 2010

Five Faves #3

Coelho Culture (a sneaky number six...)

Time to join Pip for another Five Faves!

Favourite smile: Beci Orpin's folk face pillows - so pleased she's opened an online shoppe.

Favourite paper find:
Animal poetry puppets by Furze Chan

Favourite artist
- Inaluxe, I mean just look at these!

Favourite photography - Friendship, Family, Love & Laughter edited by Geoff Blackwell

Favourite moments - celebrating Miles' 5th birthday, Dom's 42nd birthday and wishing my sister good luck for her volunteer work in Uganda - so proud of you little sis'.


  1. Delicious, Brilliant fav five Deb xx

  2. That photo of the sleeping boy is heartbreaking and so beautiful all at once. I love it. I love your faves too... such a bountiful eyeful! Thanks for playing! xxx

  3. very very beautifull your favorites!!!!l love the faces of the little girls in uganda....sure your sister with all her heart makes their lives more happy!! a big kiss to you and to your sister!!!and happy eastern!!!

  4. These are so COOL! V creative!

  5. those pictures of that sleeping boy! the picture of those happy girls! they are soo special!

  6. Amazing photos. will take a closer look. Bonne semaine!

  7. oh wow, you're so nice - really, thank you. :) I think I am blushing would you believe? true, and not something that happens much. :)

    I love all your faves, but I have to say the Furze Chan bear is kind of rocking my world right now. I'm going to investigate a little bit more. I always wished I had children so we could put on elaborate puppet shows out in the yard, but well, looks like I'll have to get my chihuahua x and partner into it instead! LOL.
    Hope you're well, and having fun, sorry for writing a letter here. (even more embarassed now....) ahhhh.... :)


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