Tuesday 20 April 2010

Summer Buttons

Six old buttons covered in fabric and hand embroidered

Six Summer memories

A few additional drawings and a touch of colour

One beautiful Summer Button Story

I hope you find Julianne's Button Story as inspiring as I do.
Why not make your own?
It's a lovely activity for rainy days or long summer holidays, a great idea for decorating a nursery or child's bedroom and would make a wonderful keepsake.

Have fun!

A big thank you to Julianne for letting me share her photos/work with you.


  1. Love the dimentional art. That is really intersting and so much detail.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for this lovely post! It would be so nice to read and see some more button stories!

    Warmly, Juliane

  3. Hummmmm.... évidemment, j'aime beaucoup....

  4. What a beautiful idea. Love the addition of the buttons to the drawing...so simple but so effective

  5. plein de petites choses à regarder à lire, c'est chouette.


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