Sunday 30 August 2009

Beautiful Ben

Well, I don't know him personally but his work sure is lovely... I found these sweet illustrations by Ben Zen this morning. Please take a look at this Melbourne-based, music-loving designer/artist's blog, it's choc-full of delightful drawings like these. I especially love his work on brown paper bags. What a lovely, innocent world to live in. Anyone looking for a children's illustrator?


  1. I have just read his post on Me, Myself and I and oh my goodness I don't think he's as alone with these thoughts as he thinks he is, he probably just hasn't met any soul mates yet. I love this little character with the twig ears. I wouldn't mind floating along in a teacup for a while.

  2. These are just divine! Great find Deb :) K

  3. I love the ones on the paper bags! Gives them an air of melancholy somehow.

  4. Waou! Superbe,j'adore ces dessins!


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