Thursday 6 August 2009

Hedgerow delight

Good Morning! Some bright bramble sweetness to start the day. I spotted these four colourful paintings by British contemporary artist Louise Gains in a magazine years ago. Being a hunter and a gatherer, I tore out the article and saved it for the right moment, as one does...

Louise's Hedge series of oil paintings were inspired by wild plant growth in the Wye Valley. These four "details" were then printed onto cotton and framed. I think they're beautiful. Her work reminds me of my favourite painter Kurt Jackson's Cornish hedge paintings.

Other "details" include the gorgeous Dandelion Sea and Parsley Shake collection.

Louise's earlier and more recent work can be found here. She has also created the mousespotter's guide to find sugar mice in strange places.


  1. Just beautiful, Deb! I really love them. Thanks for the link :) K

  2. Beautiful! - I would love to see these paintings translated onto cushions.


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