Monday 24 August 2009

Oh, mon bateau...

Summer isn't over yet is it? It certainly doesn't feel like it here, down south by the sea... If the weather's not so nice where you are or if you're need something to cheer you up, give yourself a daily dose of sunshine, colour and joy over at Kris's lovely blog one-boat-a-day. Kris crafts these beautiful boats from driftwood and weathered objects found on her beachcombing trips. She loves the idea that her creations are made from various odd parts that have travelled from afar then been washed up on the shore. All her boats have a soul, a story to tell and a strong personality.

I discovered another of this artist and fashion designer's blogs Kris's color stripes a few weeks ago. If you love colour, textures, photos and wonderful artwork this is a blog for you, if you haven't already bookmarked it. I've a feeling that Kris's blogs are going to be one of my main ports of call this autumn, winter and beyond.


  1. I think you are right, these boats do have a soul. I'd say it's a wall of happiness.

  2. j'adore ces bateaux... et le travail de kris en général....
    profitez bien de vos derniers jours de vacances!
    à bientôt

  3. Thanks deb, these are wonderful i have the elements of one waiting for construction on the side in my kitchen, I think your post has inspired me to get out the wire and glue.

  4. Moi aussi j'adore tes ouvres..Merci beaucoup et a bientot.. ciao cecilia

  5. Oh, what fun! Thanks for this, Deb :) K

  6. Those boats are just magical and so unique. Love them!


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