Saturday 8 August 2009

Simply beautiful

I found two lovely sets of children's books recently. Both are unusual and delightfully illustrated.

The first little collection comes from a small Polish company called Pan Tu Nie Stal (You were not
standing here), created by sociologist Justyna BurzyƄska and graphic designer Maciej Lebiedowicz. I found their interesting blog and shop via Grainedit a while ago.

Pan Tu Nie Stal have started selling a series of folk books illustrated by Kasia Bogucka. Two books are available at present:

"Grandpa and Grandma lived in harmony" and a poem called "An old lady was sowing poppy seeds".

Both are in Polish, but who cares if you can't read them when they're this beautiful?
The books cost 2 EUR each but the shipping given on their website is expensive (negotiable?). Pan Tu Nie Stal also sell cards, prints, clothes, accessories (great badges) and home ware.

The second small collection of children's books is written and illustrated by Ed Boxall. The four Storm Tree Stories are visual story books 'for anyone, of any age who daydreams'. In each story a seemingly ordinary hobby leads the heroes to extraordinary experiences in the heart of enchanted rural Britain.
The Shell Collector climbs into a shell and climbs to a ’sky full of places to go’.

The Gardener transforms a derelict churchyard into a place of spiritual renewal.

The Birdwatchers fall in love and glide away on the back of a swan.
The Railway Enthusiast travels back to a time ‘when many gods had still not awoken’
Books cost £5 each + PP and are available here.

I love Ed Boxall's illustrations, please take a peek at his website to see more of his wonderful work.


  1. These are gorgeous - I particularly love the first ones. That graphic style is so fabulous! Great finds, Deb :) K

  2. The mark making in all of these beautiful books is so inspiring, it makes me wonder how they influence us growing will your children use these beautiful images in the years to come,how will they activate their creativity..I'm the result of Enid Blyton and Tolkien, and Tales from Europe. Ha just look what they did !! ha ha
    Happy story telling
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  3. These are very lovely books and I love the wee people sleeping on the swan, gorgeous.


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