Sunday 23 August 2009

Vinyl revival

I came across this sweet vintage record over at Three Potato Four's blog the other week. I think these old record sleeves make great wall art for kids' bedrooms, as well as providing hours of enjoyment, away from the TV. We pay regular visits to charity shops as a family and Savannah and Miles picked up a lovely vintage circus record on our last trip. I found these two original records within five minutes on etsy:

Vintage Let's be policemen record from Nana's Cottage House

Vintage Chinese nursery record by The Hamster and the Guppies

Vintage vinyl's upcycle possibilities seem endless. I've chosen a few examples of work by artists committed to re-using these defunct discs and covers, but I've really only just scratched the surface (ha!, ha!).

Vintage record bookends by ikcdesign

Vintage record album upcycled into notebook with record page divider by doti

Recycled record comb by Tresijas

Recycled record pendant by Tresijas

Record album purse from Brindakaydesign

Recycled record mail holder from DJSeek

45rpm festive decorations by Vinylux

Recycled vinyl clocks by Grateful Thread

Vinyl coasters from Pedlars

Vinyl bowls from Pedlars

Amazing vinyl record laser-cuts from Carlos Aires

Have a look through your personal collection, I'm sure you'll find something to display, frame or even upcycle.


  1. All very clever. I especially like the mail shelves and the laser cut motifs.

  2. Love the album covers as wall art :) K

  3. Oops - forgot to post the link: Record related - The Rock 'n' Reel![]=tags&includes[]=title

  4. amazing what can be done.

    I remember having red vinyl 45's with stories like Little Red Riding Hood on them.

    Thanks for your lovelt comment about my daughter reading.

    Oh and by the way... I feel a bit like you today - just had to show this quirky Nativity Set !!!

    ( The Linen Shelf )


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