Saturday 8 August 2009

Looking for paint

I went into Montpellier today on the tram to buy a sample pot of paint.

It's really, really hot here at the moment. Montpellier's central Place de la Comédie was almost empty, everybody must have been at the beach.

The shop I was looking for is just past the opera house,

tucked away in the old part of the city.

I love these narrow, winding streets and the shade.
I love these paved pedestrian areas, chic boutiques and cafés.

Of course, the shop was closed for a summer break. No paint and no finished chest of drawers,


  1. What a gorgeous visual trip into "town" - so lovely to see where you live :) K

  2. Too bad about the paint, but it looks like you had a ...promenade tres agreable....
    Thanks for your visit to my blog ;-)


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