Sunday 2 August 2009


I love collections. Here's a selection of shoes from some very special artists and photographers found on my travels.

Colourful baby shoes by Sparklehen

Garden shoes by Carole Henscher

Spotted dancing shoes by StarryBlueSky

Hand drawn shoes by SeaAngels

Wrapping paper shoes by FromJapanWithLove

Old, creased and wrinkled shoes by J.Morgan Puett

A lifetime of shoes made from paper by Marion Michell

A wall full of shoes by Paula Anke


  1. Hi Deborah what a gorgeous idea,I just love the variety of designs and colour. I am also very flattered to see my little drawing up there with those other fabulous artists, how very kind you are, that has made my Sunday thankyou.
    Lots of hugs
    Lynn xxxxx

  2. Puett, sheer genius.
    found you through a link somewhere, love your blog.

  3. These are so wonderful! What a beautiful selection...I love your blog. Going on my "must reads" right now!


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