Tuesday 11 August 2009

Feeling giddy

I can't wait until Saturday, it's my birthday on the 16th and we're going away for one week to one of my favourite places on earth. Believe me, I'm not exaggerating, this cabanon in the Luberon is everything I love - old, made out of stone, polished cement floors, distressed second-hand furniture, gorgeous pool and the views, well as you can see, quite spectacular. Readers of Cote Sud and Marie Claire in France will probably recognise the house. We've already stayed a couple of times here and in the lovely owners' other amazing bastide. Just had to share!!!


  1. Gorgeous! More photos, please!

  2. That looks like heaven on earth. How many does it sleep? I'd love to stay there. We have rented many beautiful gites in France, but I think this tops them all. Happy Birthday and have a fab time x

  3. Happy birthday. I am sure my invitation's in the mail ;)

  4. How beautiful! Have a most wonderful birthday!!! I have a feeling you are going to... ;) K

  5. Looks fairly perfect ... have a wonderful birthday!
    How does one find that bastide?
    Merci :)

    1. Laurie, I imagine it's competely booked up. This place has been all over the web in the last couple of years and in lots of magazines. I know that the family use it themselves too during the Summer. If you send me an email I will give you the address, but once you've been you inevitably book it again for the following year - heaven!


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