Thursday 6 August 2009

papier mache to-do list

Today I'm on a mission.

- I want to make sure that you've all seen the first issue of this wonderful online children's magazine from Australia.

- I want to be certain that you've all taken out a free subscription (yes, you heard me, free).

- I want to put my mind at rest - surely, I'm not the only one still reeling from so much gorgeousness, dazed by so much eye-candy, the fabulous fashion features, the sneak peek, the illustrations, shopping ideas and art (I love Meredith Gaston's work)???

- I want to find out if you're dying for issue no. 2 and are willing to lend a hand to make it grow from strength to strength?

Right, those with full marks read on....

I have some fantastic news found over at Bodie and Fou's stylish and informative blog, later confirmed by the pm team. papier mache have decided to add a supplement magazine with issue 2 devoted to children's rooms, to be released mid-November, and are looking for submissions!

If you think that your kid's room looks great and has that certain je ne sais pas quoi that would appeal to papier mache readers, send your photos to: before the end of October.

Righty-ho girls, roll up your sleeves, cameras at the ready, there's work to be done!


  1. I love Papier Mache too, Deb - isn't it fabulous? Great post - get them known! :) K

    p.s. I want that National Service Office poster! :)

  2. merci pour tes visites!!
    et ravie d'avoir découvert ton blog!
    à bientôt,

  3. Thanks for the great link to Papier Mache. I have quite a few childrens designs I am working on at the moment and I like the fact that this magazine is new and quite unique. I have already registered. I'd love to send in some photos of my daughters room, it's lovely and full of her vintage finds, but she's 19 and I think that might be classed as a bit too old, even though she is young at heart. I'm looking forward to you're new online shop.


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