Tuesday 11 August 2009

Hollie and hens

Savannah likes hens. We moved out to the country last summer and are very lucky to have a big garden. Now that the olive trees are a little bit more manageable and the veggie patch is yielding a steady supply of organic produce chickens are on the agenda (sounds like a remake of The Good Life...). Although the idea of fresh free-range eggs sounds tempting, I can't say I'm over-enthusiastic about cleaning coops, and then there's the issue of rodents...

Vintage chicken coops can look good in the home, as I recently discovered in a fabulous children's shop in Belgium called Lilli Mandarine.

Sundance, in the States, sell a whole range of stackable chicken coops, ideal for storage in children's bedrooms.

British designer and craftswoman Hollie Wright is also smitten with chickens. Hollie grew up in rural Oxfordshire and chickens played a central part in her daily life. Her art is influenced by allotments and the small holding lifestyle. Using reclaimed wood and fittings, Hollie creates quirky chicken-coop pieces, ranging from single wire chicken sculptures to functional and beautiful egg boxes and wall cupboards.

Hollie's work is available in several galleries in the UK, including The Gallery at Bevere.


  1. I think I could manage the wire ones. Pity they won't lay.

  2. I have had hens for years now they are fantastic, need very little attentions, give you the most wonderful eggs, eat all the food the kids reject, we just have two now as we don't have the space for any more, but I cannot recomend them more, ours are really tame and the kids love them. Go on its fun and easy.


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