Friday 14 August 2009


Summer Laundry day by LeiLiLaLoo

I've had a big washing day today as I'm trying to get the house in order before we go away on holiday. I actually find this chore therapeutic; I love seeing all my vintage linen sheets and pillowcases hanging on the line (another thing I collect, by the way) and as it's so hot here everything dries in no time. Crisp, clean linen, whites, creams and greys, olive trees and lavender, I'll have to take some photos one day...

Laundry is a wonderful source of inspiration. I can remember walking round Girona in Spain years ago and admiring what seemed like hundreds of washing lines strung across brightly-coloured Mediterranean houses on the banks of the Onyar river, it was so beautiful.

Kaarina Kaikkonen's outside installations using mens' shirts are amazing, just look at these photos, found via the Art Room Plant

Here's a selection of laundry-inspired artwork that caught my eye today:

Laundry Day by Syko

Laundry Day by ShelleyRoze

Laundry Day by Sascalia

8 days a week by Tsk-Tsk

Finally, as a busy mum of three, I can't help thinking that 20 USD for this would be money well spent, don't you?

by John W. Golden


  1. So gorgeous - all of them!... but those installations photos are totally to die for!! Love it :) K

    p.s. Have a lovely birthday break away!

  2. thanks for the mention. your blog is great!


  3. Love Tsk Tsk's pegs and the textures on LeiLiLaLoo's wonderful

  4. All of these images are very inspiring but those shirt installations really are something else. I haven't seen anything like it, the colours are lovely, it's just an amazing sight.

  5. Thanks for the email. I have just realized I have more comments to read. Thanks for looking through my posts, it's always good to know that people are enjoying reading them. I'm a bit behind this week, had better get something done over the weekend, probably about my rag bird nest.


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