Wednesday 26 August 2009

Holly Farrell

Beautiful paintings, believe it or not, by the incredibly talented, self-taught Canadian artist Holly Farrell, featuring in the latest issue of Frankie and Small, found via The Lark.

Holly started painting professionally in 1995. Her still-life works in acrylic and oil on masonite depict everyday domestic objects in sparse settings. They are at once ordinary and extraordinary, strikingly beautiful in their simplicity and somehow soothing. Please visit her web site to see more.


  1. What beauty! Also bravo to you for having such an eye for the rare and special.


  2. oh lovely. i love the last chair. what innate talent!

  3. Oh to have the talent to paint simplicity with profundity.
    Wonderful works.


  4. Isn't that line of books lovely.

  5. Hi Deborah
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It is exciting to celebrate one year in blog land..and by amazing coincidence we are moving into the Dairy House this weekend. (a very special Antiques emporium which is very much like a french depo/brocante!) Another "landmark" in our lives.....Very jealous that you live in France. Lizzie x


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