Monday 28 September 2009

Bold Bruna

If you recall my earlier post on Dick Bruna and original artwork for kids, you'll understand how excited I was when I came across this address.

Dick Bruna is perhaps most well known for Miffy , but prior to the creation of his adorable, ubiquitous bunny, the Dutch illustrator worked for over twenty years (1957-1970) designing book covers for his father's publishing house Bruna & Son in Utrecht. Bruna developed his unique, clean, minimalist style during these years of working on the "little black bear" series (Zwarte Beertjes), experimenting with collage in the manner of Matisse, and influenced by the Dutch De Stijl movement.

Retrobook sell an impressive collection of vintage book covers and posters by Bruna. Books cost 5 EUR each (a few exceptions) making them excellent presents for Bruna design collectors and vintage book lovers. If you take a peek at the gallery section on the site, you will see just how striking these covers can be when grouped together and framed (the cats, ghosts, black bear, James Bond, Maigret, Havank, the Saint collection... have a look at them all, the nicest ones are on the site. ) Retrobook also sell a few hard-to-come-by vintage posters and mini-poster portfolios. Definitely worth a nosey!


  1. Have you seen the miffy traffic lights?

  2. Love Love his stuff, I'll have to post the stamps I bought from the Bruna museum in Utrecht, you will love them.

  3. Always so wonderful to see Bruna! Je t'adore! Fantastic post, Deb... thank you for these super links! :~)

  4. Ohohoh! Just did a little dance! So glad to have found your blog and the Bruna link. I found a bruna t-shirt - really old second hand that my boy wore and wore - can't wait till it fits the next boy! Thanks for this great post.

  5. what an amazing site! my 5 euros is burning a big hole in my pocket!
    virginia x


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