Friday 25 September 2009


Good Morning! Today, I'd like to introduce you to some special classmates.

This is Wannetta (Old English for "Pale").

She's moody and misunderstood.
Prefers rainy days inside.

Delights in the work of Edward Gorey.

Wants to live in Paris and eat croissants everyday.

This is Alfred (Old English for "Wise Counsel").

He's articulate and responsible.
Worries about injustice.
Enjoys solving puzzles.

Wants to be a social worker.

This is Matilda (Old German for "Mighty Battlemaid").

She enjoys eating blueberries.
Daydreams while listening to Billie Holiday.

Wants to be a microbiologist.

Often can't sleep due to concerns over why honey bees are mysteriously dying.

These beautiful stitched ornaments have lots of other school photo friends here and here. They're all very pally with Fabian, a bit of an odd bod, but such a scream.


His real name is Dwayne Yoder, but he won't admit this to anyone, except to his employer and the IRS.
Wishes he was English and often talks with a phony English accent.

My new-found chums are happy little souls. They come from a home where creativity and colour are spelt with a capital C and play amongst space spores, sunburst scenes and amoebae.

Thank you sillyboodilly for brightening up my day!


  1. I LOVE Victoria's work she is so talented and brightens everyone's day.
    What a great post.

  2. How beautifully and carefully done. And wouldn't Alfred and Matilda be wonderful as full size sofa cushions.

  3. Hi Debs
    Fabulous I love the colours and the mark making fabulous fun things....make me feel like loking for my needles ha ha.
    Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for your lovely comment about moms house, it was lovely being with her for a few weeks, I cried all the way to the airport coming home...silly me
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  4. What a delightful surprise! I am honored to have my work featured on your lovely blog. Thanks so much for brightening MY day!
    xo Victoria

  5. So wonderful! I am delighted to have been introduced to Victoria through your blog! You really rock, Deb. How do you do it?!


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