Friday 18 September 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Save our wildlife
Save our planet
Paper and card collages and sculptures by two very talented artists
Peter Clark and Andrew Mockett

Swiss Miss by Peter Clark

Crab by Andrew Mockett

Java by Peter Clark

Elephant by Andrew Mockett

Scottie by Peter Clark

Frog by Andrew Mockett

If you live in Paris or happen to be anywhere near there before 28 October, try and get to see this amazing exhibition of paper sculptures by German artist Gundula Weber at the Galerie Antonine Catzéflis. Gundula's incredibly realistic hunting trophies took almost three years to create and are entirely made of paper (over 100 square meters).
Has anyone seen it ?

For more examples of Andrew Mockett's work (love his prints and handmade books too), read this and this.


  1. These are great! Especially the elephant.

  2. hola!!! l love the collages!!! and the scultures very very interestng!!!!!!!!!thanks for sharing all this!!!!have a nice weekend!!!

  3. I love Andrew Mockett's work, the frog and the crab are just fantastic!

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  5. Sorry laura, I accidentally removed your message :

    Ah, this is wonderful! What a beautiful selection!

  6. Wonderful, planning my own Fag packet coup with students. xxxxx

  7. What a great zoo !!! Some Peter Clark this way

  8. These are fantastic! Especially love Andrew's elephant!... and frog and crab...


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