Saturday 26 September 2009

Going back to their roots

Traditional Polish paper-cut and contemporary folkart-inspired rooster carpet from MOHO design

I love paper and I love patterns. I can remember being given bright white paper doilies to colour, paint, cut up or use as stencils when I was younger. Paper doilies always seemed to come in handy for Christmas decorations too, adorning Angel frocks and wings year after year. I think my love of paper-cuts comes from early crafting with this intricate, wafer-thin material.

The first paper-cuts I discovered were these colourful Wycinanki from Poland, originally made with a pair of sheep-shearing scissors!

I'm very much drawn to Eastern Europe at the moment, and I'm really enjoying the Polish adventures of Lou et Tom on a daily basis. Isabelle has impeccable taste and posts some very inspiring photos. My favourites so far have to be of her flea market finds - vintage heaven!

Isabelle is celebrating her first year in blogland and is offering a beautiful selection of traditional Polish treasures. Her giveaway ends on Sunday though, so hurry, hurry!

It's been Design Week in London and I've had my eye on one event in particular, Polska Folk, part of the Tent London exhibition showing until Sunday at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.
"Polska Folk is an exhibition of new work from young Polish designers who have reached back to traditional folk designs, materials and manufacturing processes in making their work."

At a time of globalisation and mass-media, Polish and other European designers are going back to their roots and rediscovering traditional production techniques according to Curator Agnieska Jacobson-Cielecka.

All of the artists exhibiting at Polska Folk are fascinated by decorative rural motifs (flowers, the omnipresent Rooster...) – laces, stripes, paper-cuts, aprons, traditional forms and natural materials, but their work also displays a sense of humour and irony. See for yourself - here's my selection of contemporary Polish designers to look out for.

Log clock and Log radio - just saw off what you need, by the surprising design company GOGO

Quirky and clever porcelain work by Bogdan Kosak

Nodus carpet and Mazzy kids' wallpaper from the excellent AZE design

The Wreath project - wreath lampshades inspired by Polish folk custom by Agniezka Lasota

Car and Rooster carpet puzzles designed by the excellent Joanna Rusin and Agnieska Czop

Beautiful folk art-inspired carpets by MOHO Design
(Thank you Justyn

Polska Folk catalogue available here


  1. Oh Deb! SO much gorgeousness, I don't know where to begin! It is all just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing these links :) K

  2. mais où trouves tu tout cela ???
    c'est une vraie mine ce post, il faut que j'explore tous ces liens ... et merci encore pour tes gentils mots pour nous !!

  3. You are a wonderful Madame "Trouve-tout"!

  4. thanks for your really nice comment on my blog. I love looking at all the gorgeous images on yours !

  5. These are all beautiful! very colorful... Car and Rooster carpet puzzles are my favorite!!

  6. nice post! btw. I've always wondered how to vacuum this car/rooster puzzle carpet?

  7. I did wonder too Justyna - beautiful but unpractical...

  8. nice post...the little horses are so cute

  9. wow that was fun! thanks for all the links! besos!


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