Wednesday 16 September 2009


Kolam (Tamil) - beauty, form and play
Ephemeral threshold art from southern India
Rice-flour and chalk
Dots and lines
Prayers in patterns
Drawings announcing a new day
Generation after generation

Beautiful Videopoem by Kaaren Beckhof - Kolams of Pondicherry

Photos: Sévérine Bourgignon


  1. These are beautiful pictures! I am alwasy inspired by the colors what they use...Bright colors...amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. From Isabelle (Lou et Tom)

    c'est drôle j'avais pensé à faire un post sur ces peintures éphémères ... les photos sont superbes

  3. So pretty... I love all those colours. Not sure my neighbours would appreciate it if I did that outside my flat though :(

  4. wow, i saw one of these when we were in Lincoln (of all places), the man was using crushed marble to do it and he added Iris's name in the most elegant font. amazing skills, eh?

  5. Really nice... love all the colors and what an incredible patterning in that last beautiful shot!

  6. this is soo cool. i wish i could see this in person. thank you! besos!

  7. Beautiful, I love the idea of disposable joy giving art.


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