Tuesday 22 September 2009

Rebecca Cool

I love the colourful, uplifting work of Australian artist and illustrator Rebecca Cool. Rebecca is happiest when she is creating and you can tell. She drew her first wide-eyed, rosy-cheeked trademark face at the age of 10 and has painted it on everything ever since.

Inspired by the patterns of her fabric collection, with a preference for the 1950s and sourced from fans across Australia, Rebecca creates vibrant collages blending oil pastels, paint and fabric that have a folksy, Eastern European feel. Her art is refreshingly naive and playful.

More examples of Rebecca's work can be found here, here and here
Via the excellent Bondville.


  1. These are very cool - pardon the terrible pun!

  2. make me think to Chagall... very interesting...

  3. très très beau.. je ressens l'inspiration des années..Dans la forme du visage peut être...

  4. Deb, so glad you like! Rebecca Cool has just released a children's book that is to-die-for called "Isabella's Garden" authored by Glenda Millard. Full of fabulous paintings on every page.


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