Thursday 17 September 2009


I've just come across Lucie Summers' colour-it-yourself Alphabetty and Scandi posters on etsy. What a great idea, guaranteeing hours of fun for young and old alike! These affordable, versatile screenprints can either be left blank or filled in with the colours of your choice to coordinate with a nursery, child's bedroom or play area. You can also use any medium - felt tip, paint, ink, pencil, collage - whatever takes your fancy, making this a definite winner on rainy days and long winter evenings. Perfect!


  1. They are fab aren't they? I'm planning on stocking some at BP! I've just come back from a lovely little break in Perpignan with some girlfriends and found all your lovely comments on my blog. Thank you! Karen x

  2. Wow Deborah, you're on a roll! What a series of fantastic posts!

  3. these are lovely! I bought the alphabet one two weeks ago....for myself!


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