Tuesday 29 September 2009

De Beaux Souvenirs

I know that I've already shown you a couple of Claire Rougerie's pieces of wirework here and here but I just keep going back for more! How can I resist?
Claire is working on a new personal project at the moment inspired by a great, great uncle. Her early 20th century fairground comes complete with gypsy caravan, strong man and swinging boat attraction. A magical scene right down to the very last detail!

Claire is understandably keeping this beauty for herself BUT she has introduced a new range of personalised children's wall hangings that I love, and for once, there are some nice models for boys. Take a look for yourself

Model #1: 20 EUR + pp

Model # 2 : 15 EUR + pp

Model # 3 : 15 EUR + pp

Model #4 : 20 EUR + pp

Claire's affordable wire hangings would make a wonderful present for a newborn baby, a nursery or a child's bedroom. You can contact her here to place an order.

De Beaux Souvenirs website
De Beaux Souvenirs etsy store


  1. oh-! thanks for sharing this!!! l love wire work!!!!!always you have something beautifull and special in your blog to show us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besos!!!!!

  2. They're stunning! What a lovely present they would make.

  3. So clever and beautiful. And as you say, lovely gifts for little boys (not easy to come by I have discovered!)

  4. I love her work , amazing
    great blog you got, lot's of cool art finds

  5. Claire's work is always fantastic and done with such heart! The new designs are just beautiful.

  6. J'adore !!! merci pour le lien.
    J'aime bien aussi ses appliques en lin brodées ...

  7. cette fête forraine est sublime

  8. j'aime ce travail sur la fête foraine. Cela donne envie d'essayer. C'est très certainement ce qui me plait le plus dans tout ce qu'elle fait.


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