Monday 11 October 2010

Colour My Monday #14

So, it's Monday again and Monday means colour! There's nothing quite like it for putting a spring in your step and shaking of those Monday morning blues!

Today I'd like to invite you into the bright and bold world of Spanish illustrator Amaia Arrazola.

I discovered Amaia's work through the excellent Envelop site, where she is selling a few of her designs.

 Winter is my favourite piece I think, and her beautiful pinny is a true work of art. A nice gift idea for the art-loving, creative cooks in your life!

Hasta Pronto Amigos !


  1. neat find think the bag images are my favs; used to be an illustrator but got bored with picky clients. this work makes me nostalgic. Thanks...

  2. What a find! I love her work...going to investigate further! Thanks! Hope you are well.

  3. amazing pieces!! i love the suitcases so much!


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