Monday 11 October 2010

Wrap Up

Well hello Monday!
I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are raring to go...
I thought we'd kick off with some fun inspiration from my favourite Russian family.
It's such a magical thing paper...


  1. What fabulous paper creations. Their horse costumes featured in your November post are amazing! I'm about to begin creating Nausicaa and Sheeta of Laputa costumes for my girls and can use all the costuming inspiration I can find. Love your blog!

  2. Love this :) They are so amazing - everything this family does has me gasping. Kx

  3. Lots of inspiration to draw from that indeed. The shoes are fantastic!

  4. These are so great, I read about them before but forgot to save them in my favourites so I'm happy to see them again on your blog! Have a happy and sunny week ;-)

  5. Ah its not only me that thinks paper clothes are cool, these are fab. x


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