Tuesday 26 October 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story #9

Daylight, Heaven or Hell?
Because this is primarily a children's blog
Because they are children
Because this is their reality
Go back down that hole and discover another world


  1. No childhood any more, drugs, poverty adandonment, I see it everyday at work, everyday on the news . . . You are right Deb to show the realities of too many childrens lives. H

  2. Thank you for commenting, H, whoever you are. I thought I was alone and I would have been angry and disappointed if no one looked at these photos. I'm not interested in blogging if it's just about showing the nice things...

  3. Wow, his website/images really got to me....Thanks for sharing,blogging shouldn't be about only nice things..Too often we forget about the darker side of life, and that's often the problem, that it's easy to forget.Thanks.

  4. David Gillanders' work is harrowing. And important. I couldn't look away, even from the most troubling of his photos. Thanks for highlighting his work.


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